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Consumer Protection Act

The Consumer Protection Act

According to the Consumer Protection Act: Clients may not be contacted during the following times –
- Sundays or public holidays;
- Saturdays before 09:00 and after 13:00; and
- All other days between the hours of 20:00; and 08:00 the following day.
• Should a client be contacted during any time not mentioned before, the client reserves the
right to instruct the Consultant not to contact him or her again, and the Consultant must
refrain from any further contact.
• Respect your privacy by calling at a time that is convenient for you.
• Safeguard your private information.
• Provide accurate and truthful information regarding the price, quality, quantity, performance, and availability of their product or service.
• Offer a written receipt in a language you can understand.
• Offer a complete description of any warranty or guarantee.
As a sales person, you should expect a DSA member company to:
• Provide you with accurate information about the company’s compensation plan, products, and
sales methods.
• Describe the relationship between you and the company in writing.
• Be accurate in any comparisons about products, services or opportunities.
• Refrain from any unlawful or unethical recruiting practices and exorbitant entrance or training
• Ensure that you are not just buying products solely to qualify for downline commissions.
• Ensure that any materials marketed to you by others in the sales force are consistent with the
company’s policies, are reasonably priced and have the same return policy as the company’s.
• Require you to abide by the requirements of the Code of Ethics.
• Safeguard your private information.
• Provide adequate training to help you operate ethically.
• Base all actual and potential sales and earnings claims on documented facts.
• Encourage you to purchase only the inventory you can sell in a reasonable amount of time.
• Repurchase marketable inventory and sales aids you have purchased within the past 12 months
applying a 25% handling fee if you decide to leave the business.
• Explain the repurchase option in writing.
• Have reasonable start-up fees and costs